Curator of Vintage. Purveyor of Style. For the Love of Nostalgia.

Each one of my unique capsule launches is specially curated with tender love and care. The mission of each piece is to unleash the inner biker babe or rock n' roll queen embedded within each and every one of us. These limited edition pieces are tailored exclusively to ode and honour all those specific looks that encompassed the years of the 70's and 80's. These iconic pieces will continue to play an influential role, carrying their essence in the eras of modern street fashion of today. The natural imperfections of each piece allow the true nature and beauty of these decades to shine through, embodying all the moments they were lived and loved in. Through wearing my pieces, I hope to recreate a moment in time where women embraced their own eclectic style and weren't afraid to speak their own individual truth.

Peace, Love and Light,


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